Hire Popcorn Machine Dubai

Hire Popcorn Machine Dubai

AED 1,100

Get a popcorn machine rental to add a touch of novelty to your gathering or use to host an elaborate movie night with all your friends. The machine, however, is not just a novelty. It will provide delicious delicacies to you and your guests all night. Have fun making popcorn yourself, where you can customize it based on you or your guests preferences. At Rental Joy, we seek to help our customers throw the ultimate children’s birthday party or corporate party by providing a popcorn maker for hire at the best prices in the market.


Suitable for any type of party including kids birthdays, corporate events, fundraisers, carnival events and every other event. As a popcorn maker rental company, we take pride in offering a popcorn stall that’s easy to operate. Our team will have it set up instantly and also provide you with all the information to ensure a smooth operation. Popcorn is a delectable delicacy that both kids and adults may enjoy for an amazing party twist. Fresh, hot popcorn is made right in front of your eyes with our popcorn machines! For details on how to rent a popcorn machine for a party, send us a text today!


25 People, 75 People, 100 People, 50 People

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