If you’re in Dubai and planning a special occasion, or just having some friends over for a few drinks, then you need to rent an outdoor heater. Our range of patio heater rental Dubai options are portable and as such can be maneuvered to suit the comfort of you and your guests. You can now enjoy socializing at night in your garden or outdoor setting without having to worry about the cold desert winds. Our electric heaters provide you with warmth on those cooler evenings. Sit back, relax and enjoy the warmth that our portable heaters provide. They’re safe, reliable and easy to operate. Rental Joy is the one-stop-shop to rent an outdoor patio heater in Dubai.

Our Range of Patio Heaters

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Benefits of Patio Heaters


As mentioned, patio heaters are portable. This means that you can move the equipment around your patio, garden or outdoor setting, to exactly where you need it.


Our range of patio heaters are weatherproof. They can stand up to even the harshest weather conditions in Dubai. As such. These are perfect for your next outdoor event.

Comprehensive Heating

Do not be misled by its size, patio heaters can effectively satisfy the heating requirements of you and guests. Based on the venue, you may need more than one heater.

Why Choose Patio Heaters from Rental Joy?

Low Price

All our products are priced in a manner such that you will be rewarded with awesome value for your money. What makes us the best choice for event rentals is that we provide quality for the lowest prices.

Products for all Events

Whether you’re just entertaining a few guests, or you’re planning a big wedding reception, the outdoor heaters that we provide will be perfect for your event.

Experienced Professionals

Rental Joy are the leaders in all thing’s related to outdoor heater rentals in Dubai. Our extensive experience makes us the leader in event rental products in the Emirate.

24/7 Customer Support

We provide 24/7 customer support. This means that we’re always here to assist you when you need any form of assistance with any of our rental products.

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