Cut Down on AC Costs with These Useful Tips

AC helps beat the summer heat and, at the same time, can burn a hole in your pocket. With few easy tips for energy-saving, regular maintenance, cutting down on the warmth buildup, temperature control, you can save a lot. Click here to know more!

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Why Should I Regularly Service My Air Conditioner?

Ensure better functioning of your air conditioner through AC servicing and preventive maintenance. The efficiency, cooling speed decline, and it absorbs more energy and may lead to you inhaling air full of pollutants. Reduce cost, enhance efficiency and get cleaner air. Read to know more!

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Complete Guide on a Split Air Conditioner

Split AC operates without ducts and is a better choice for compact places as it completely cools the area. There are different types of split air conditioners, and they must be decided as per the area available to install. In this article, we provide a complete guide on them.

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