Fight Off the Summer Heat  with AC’s & Air Coolers from Rental Joy

Fight Off the Summer Heat with AC’s & Air Coolers from Rental Joy

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This Summer, Enjoy  the Outdoors in Comfort with Misting Fans from Rental Joy

This Summer, Enjoy the Outdoors in Comfort with Misting Fans from Rental Joy

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Stay Cool with Portable Cooling Fans from Rental Joy

Stay Cool with Portable Cooling Fans from Rental Joy

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Air Coolers for Rent Air Coolers for Rent
We offer on rent air coolers which are a necessity to keep you and your guests comfortable.
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Air Conditioner Rental Dubai Air Conditioner Rental Dubai
Portable air conditioners are the ideal option for an event where the guests are expected to move around within the party space.
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Misting Fans for Rent Misting Fans for Rent
Misting fans are an efficient piece of  cooling equipment that will help to reduce the temperature at your  Indoor or Outdoor event.
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Rent a Tent Dubai Rent a Tent Dubai
From traditional Arabic tents to awnings and canopies, we provide tents of all sizes for your outdoor event.
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Inflatables & Bouncies Inflatables & Bouncies
Parties are not all about food and music. Choose from our collection of inflatables and bouncies to bring out the kid in you.
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Electronics Rental Electronics Rental
Whether it be illuminated dance floors or power generators, we provide all the necessary gadgets required for your event.
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Catering Services Catering Services
A good party requires good food! At Rental Joy, we ensure that you and your guests are only served quality food.
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All In One Packages All In One Packages
Be it weddings, birthdays or corporate events; we will handle all aspects of the party from start to finish.
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Air Coolers for Rent Dubai

If you’re planning on an outdoor event in Dubai, be it a wedding, birthday party or an exhibition, then you need to prepare for the harsh Dubai temperature. One of the best ways to work around this problem is by equipping yourself with an adequate cooling solution. Rental Joy offers our customers the most impressive range of outdoor cooling solutions, including a selection of De-Humidifiers, Air Coolers, and Misting Fans.

Our range of outdoor coolers in Dubai are ideal to withstand even the most unforgiving desert conditions. Our rental inventory also consists of products such as portable air coolers, furniture, and tents, which can be used for both indoor and outdoor events. We have products available for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. Moreover, it’s worth remembering that Rental Joy will simply never be beaten on the prices that we offer. As a testament to this, we offer expectational value on products including our Misting fans – at just AED 100 per night; and our Industrial Air Coolers – at only AED 150 per night.

Contact us TODAY! Our team of courteous professionals will not only provide you with a perfect outdoor cooling solution, but we can also help with the set-up of your next outdoor event.

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Our Blog

While it may seem a good idea to have your event under the open sky, you cannot predict whether or not the summer rain might shower to spoil your perfect day. Rent a tent to have an outdoor event and stay secure at the same time.

Outdoor Weddings are the top pick for betrothed couples to pull off a dream marriage ceremony. While it may seem easy as an idea, planning and arranging an outdoor wedding is both hectic and exciting at the same time.

To plan the perfect wedding of your dream it is essential to have all the necessary tools ready beforehand. From choosing the location to the decorations, you should not delay renting any of these commodities for your event.



How far ahead should I place my booking for a product?

The availability of each of our products is subject to change. To ensure that you have your product in hand, we advise you to confirm on a date and book the commodity at least two weeks in advance.


What if one of the products that I rented was damaged during the event?

The lessee to must ensure that the products they rent are returned without any damage. If the rented commodity is found to be lost or damaged, the lessee will need to pay the full cost of replacement.


What if I fail to return the product within the rental period?

The lessee will need to pay surcharges based on how long they keep the product after the rental period.

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