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When Should You Hire Tents from Rental Joy?


Make your wedding a relaxed, carefree, and memorable time with our array of party tents and events party rentals. We strive to ensure that the installation and design of the canvas will perfectly complement the overall aesthetic of the ceremony.

Sporting Events

At Rental Joy, you can find tents that support diverse venues and occasions. Choose a tents for events catalog based on the overall size of the sporting event and protect yourself against the inclement weather.


Create the perfect atmosphere for your upcoming outdoor music concert with a party tent. Not matter the expected size of the gathering, we will provide you with a product that matches your requirements.

Private Events

Whether it be a private wedding function, birthday party, or a corporate meeting, if you are planning to hold it outdoors, then choose us for a tent and event rentals that perfectly suits your design and housing needs.


From exhibitions to tradeshows and fairs, our selection small, medium, and big tents are a great choice to host any commercial exhibition you are planning to host.


Is it your child’s birthday or your parents’ anniversary? No matter the occasion, we provide you with an unending selection of party tents for events to match the overall vibe of the gathering.

Small/Medium/Big – Which Tent Should I choose?

Expected Turnout

If you are unable to decide on the size of the tent that you need, then the first thing you should consider is how many guests and members are invited to the event. Is it a small family get-together? Or perhaps you are catering for a few hundred guests for a large corporate event.


Often overlooked, your choice of the tent and event rentals should be based on the type of flooring at the venue. Our selection of tent rentals in Dubai is designed to be placed on either a raised or a flat surface.


At any event, always expect the unexpected. Make your rental tents choice after factoring in all customization requirements by considering the location and your crowd’s demands.

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