Rent a Cotton Candy Machine Dubai

Rent a Cotton Candy Machine Dubai

AED 550

Cotton candy machines are a brilliant way to add fun and flavor to a child’s birthday. Kids love cotton candy and the way it’s sugary and delicious texture melts in their mouth. When you’re planning a birthday party, it’s essential that you get the entertainment right. And for kids, apart from the obvious need for a birthday cake, cotton candy is a necessity for it is not only appetizing but also visually pleasing. Our array of cotton candy machines in Dubai will have the sweet treats readily accessible throughout the whole party. All you have to do is place a stick in the candy and you’ve got yourself a fun snack that lasts for ages.


Product Information

The equipment comes with all the necessary parts to ensure you create delicious cotton candy. The machine itself has a nostalgic feel to it that takes you back to the days of circus celebration. Simply choose your flavor, add the ingredients and you’ll have cotton candy in no time. We have cotton candy machines that are stocked to service groups numbering between 25-100 people.

Should I Hire a Cotton Candy Machine?

If you reside in Dubai and are planning your child’s birthday party, then you should have a look at renting cotton candy machines. It’s easy to set up, affordable to hire and the most important part – kids are going to love it. These birthday party rentals can be installed in no time and will keep your kids entertained with their fun and delicious flavor.

How to Book Your Rental?

Select Quantity

First things first! How big is the kid’s birthday party going to be? Start by selecting the quantity of cotton candy machines that you require.

Add to Basket

Once you’ve decided on the quantity, add the required number of machines to your online basket.

Apply Coupon

If you any redeemable coupons with you, apply the same before checking out. You’re Almost There!


Now you are ready to checkout and enjoy the celebration. Our cotton candy machine rental will be, without doubt perfect for your party.


25 People, 75 People, 100 People, 50 People

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