How Do I Know What Party Equipment Would I Require?

You may not have the answer to it, which is where professional event rental companies like us can help! Contact our team for a detailed discussion on all your rental needs.

Can I Move the Unit to A Different Location?

Depending on the size, you can easily unplug the unit and move it carefully. For further assistance, kindly reach out to us.

How Much Room Does the Unit Take Up?

The amount of space consumed is variable, depending on the type of equipment you choose. For more information, please get in touch with our team.

Do You Have Noise-Free Air Conditioners?

Yes, at Rental Joy, we ensure all our heating and cooling units offer maximum performance with minimal noise. Intelligent design and top-notch features ensure quiet operation, each time.

What Is the Difference Between Refrigerated Air Conditioning and Evaporative Cooling?

Refrigerated air coolers distribute dehumidified and chilled cool air. For maximum efficiency, it’s ideal to use it indoors, with closed windows and doors. On the other hand, evaporative cooling draws fresh air, cools it down, and humidifies the air, increasing humidity within the space used.

How Are Portable Air Conditioning Units Installed?

While it depends on the size, the standard procedure entails the unit being wheeled into position and plugged into the power-point.

What is Portable Air Conditioning?

It is a convenient and easy mobile solution in situations where either your main air conditioning system fails or you require a temporary air conditioning unit for your party.

What if I fail to return the product within the rental period?

The lessee will need to pay surcharges based on how long they keep the product after the rental period.

What if one of the products that I rented was damaged during the event?

The lessee to must ensure that the products they rent are returned without any damage. If the rented commodity is found to be lost or damaged, the lessee will need to pay the full cost of replacement.

How far ahead should I place my booking for a product?

The availability of each of our event rental products and tents is subject to change. To ensure that you have your product in hand, we advise you to confirm on a date and book the commodity at least two weeks in advance.