LED Skirt Bar Stool

LED Skirt Bar Stool

AED 137

Haul up your event with our stylish LED Skirt Bar Stools, available for rent, adding a touch of modern flair and vibrant illumination to your gathering. These unique bar stools are designed to not only provide comfortable seating but also to create a captivating visual experience that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.
The LED Skirt Bar Stool features a comfortable seat and a mesmerizing LED lighted skirt that can be customized to match your event’s color scheme. With easy-to-use controls, you can effortlessly adjust the LED lights to create the perfect ambiance, whether you want a soft, subtle glow or a lively, dynamic display. The gentle illumination not only adds a touch of magic to your event but also serves as a functional way to guide your guests in dimly lit spaces.
These bar stools are lightweight, making them easy to move and arrange according to your event’s layout. They’re also designed to be durable and sturdy, ensuring that your guests can relax and enjoy themselves with peace of mind. Plus, the stools’ sleek and modern design complements a wide range of event themes, from contemporary to futuristic.
Rent our LED Skirt Bar Stools today and turn your event into a dazzling, enchanting affair that will have everyone talking. Contact us now to book these extraordinary bar stools and ensure your event is an unforgettable experience filled with style, comfort, and vibrant illumination.
Dimension: 55L × 51W x 102H

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