LED curve bench

LED curve bench

AED 156

Haul up your event with our stunning LED Curve Bench, available for rent, and turn any space into a vibrant and inviting gathering area. This one-of-a-kind bench is designed to make a lasting impression, providing not only comfortable seating but also a captivating visual experience.
The LED Curve Bench is a useful addition to any occasion, from weddings to parties and corporate functions. Its sleek, curvy design adds a modern touch to your event decor while offering ample seating for your guests. The bench is crafted for both style and comfort, with a padded seat that ensures your guests can relax and enjoy the festivities.
What sets our LED Curve Bench apart is the built-in LED lighting technology. These lights can be customized to match your event’s color scheme or mood, adding a touch of magic to the environment. Whether you want a serene glow or a vibrant burst of color, the LED lighting can be adjusted to create the ambiance you desire. It’s perfect for setting the right mood for any part of your event.
Not only is our LED Curve Bench visually appealing, but it’s also highly practical. It’s designed to be weather-resistant, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The bench can be easily moved and arranged to fit your event space, and its rechargeable batteries ensure it remains illuminated throughout your event without any need for constant power connections.
Make your event unforgettable with the LED Curve Bench, where style and innovation come together effortlessly. Rent this bench to create a welcoming and enchanting seating area that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Contact us today to add this unique touch to your coming event, and let the LED lighting transform your space into a captivating wonderland of color and comfort.
Dimension: 120L x 40W x 40H

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