White Bar Counter & DJ Counter

White Bar Counter & DJ Counter

AED 600

White Bar Counter & DJ Counter
Haul up your next event with our White Bar Counter & DJ Counter, available for rent, to add a touch of style and entertainment to your special occasion. These useful counters are designed to create a stylish and functional focal point that enhances the overall environment, making your event truly memorable.
The White Bar Counter exudes sophistication with its sleek design and pristine white finish. It provides a convenient and eye-catching area for guests to gather, socialize, and enjoy their favorite beverages. The spacious countertop offers ample space for bartenders to work their magic, serving up drinks and cocktails with ease. Additionally, the built-in storage shelves allow you to keep all the necessary supplies and drinks neatly organized.
Complementing the White Bar Counter is our DJ Counter, designed to take your event’s entertainment to the next level. With its clean white aesthetic, it seamlessly integrates with the bar counter, creating a cohesive and visually appealing setup. The DJ Counter offers a devoted space for your DJ to set up their equipment and control the music, ensuring a seamless flow of entertainment for your guests.
Both counters are easy to transport and set up, making them perfect for a range of events, from weddings and corporate parties to birthdays and more. They are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, creating a dynamic and inviting environment. These counters can be customized to match your event’s theme or branding, adding a personal touch to your celebration.
Dimension: 1.8 X 60 X 90

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