Play Mat (Red & Blue)

Play Mat (Red & Blue)

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Our striking red and blue play mat is available for hire, and it will make your child’s playtime more enjoyable. This cozy and welcoming play area provides the perfect canvas for an imaginative and creative world. Our play mat is designed to give your child hours of fun and parents peace of mind. It is constructed with the highest care for comfort and safety.
Part of the high-quality design of the Play Mat is a thick foam core that insulates from falls and tumbles, reducing the chance of bumps and bruises. It also acts as insulation against cold flooring, creating a cozy area for your child to play, crawl, or just relax in.
Maintaining our play mat is a snap because it is not only robust but also easy to clean. Its wipeable surface makes it easy to maintain a clean play environment by preventing spills, crumbs, and accidents.
Our Red & Blue Play Mat is an excellent choice for regular play, playdates, and events. Whether you’re a parent, guardian, or caregiver, you can now turn any area into a fun and secure refuge for children. Rent our play mat now, and watch as delight, curiosity, and countless experiences open up your child’s world.
Dimension: 100 x 100

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