Painted Full White Picnic Bench w/ black

Painted Full White Picnic Bench w/ black


Introducing our Painted White Picnic Bench with stylish black accents, available for rent to add a touch of class to your outdoor gatherings. These benches are thoughtfully designed for your convenience and comfort, making them perfect for picnics, family reunions, and outdoor events of all kinds.
The Painted Full White Picnic Bench with black details exudes a timeless charm that will beautifully complement any outdoor setting. Its crisp white color evokes a sense of purity and freshness, while the sleek black accents on the legs and edges add a modern touch that makes it stand out. This combination of colors ensures that the bench not only looks inviting but also fits seamlessly into various outdoor themes, whether you’re hosting a casual barbecue or an elegant garden party.
Our picnic benches are Made with durability in mind, designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. They provide ample seating space for your guests, with enough room to comfortably accommodate several people. The smooth, white surface is easy to clean, ensuring that your gatherings stay mess-free, and the robust construction guarantees stability, so you can relax and enjoy your event worry-free.
Dimension: 200 x 30 x 50

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