Kids Wooden Chair – Light Green

Kids Wooden Chair – Light Green

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Our adorable light green Kids Wooden Chair is perfect for your child’s chair experience and is available for rental. This little chair is perfect for any occasion where young children need a designated seat, such as birthday celebrations, family get-togethers, or school functions. It is expertly made with comfort and style in mind. Because the chair is constructed from high-quality, eco-friendly wood, its durability and your child’s safety are guaranteed. Its ergonomic design allows kids to play, eat, and engage in activities in comfort. This chair is a great addition to your event decor because of its glossy blue finish, which adds a pop of color to any setting. Owing to its lightweight and portability, this is a great choice for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether you’re planning a kid’s party, or a classroom activity, or you just need extra seating for the little ones, our kid’s wooden chair in light green is the ideal choice. Give kids a fun and comfortable place to hang out and make lifelong memories by renting it right away.
Dimension: 60 X 30 X 30

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