Chess Board

Chess Board

AED 66

Looking to add some intellectual excitement to your next gathering or event? Consider renting our classic Chess Board, a game that has delighted minds of all ages for centuries. Our Chess Board is the perfect choice to encourage strategic thinking and foster friendly competition.
Our Chess Board rental package includes a full set of chess pieces, each meticulously crafted to represent medieval nobility. With easily recognizable shapes and symbols, players can quickly grasp the rules and start enjoying this timeless game. Whether you’re a seasoned chess enthusiast or a beginner eager to learn, our Chess Board offers the perfect platform for honing your skills and enjoying the thrill of competition.
Chess is a game that transcends language barriers and brings people together through the joy of thoughtful gameplay. It’s an excellent addition to a family gathering, a corporate team-building event, or a calm evening with friends. Our Chess Board is suitable for all ages, making it a useful choice for your entertainment needs.
Renting our Chess Board is a simple and affordable way to infuse your event with intellectual excitement and friendly competition. Make your next gathering memorable by challenging your guests to a game of wits and strategy. Contact us today to book our Chess Board and create an environment of fun and mental stimulation at your event.
Dimension: 5 X 20 X 45

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