Canteliver Beige Outdoor Umbrella With Base

Canteliver Beige Outdoor Umbrella With Base

AED 167

Introducing our Cantilever Beige Outdoor Umbrella with a sturdy base, available for rent, to provide you and your guests with a delightful shade solution for your outdoor setups. This umbrella is designed to bring convenience and comfort to your outdoor events, whether it’s a sunny picnic, a relaxed day by the pool, or a festive garden party.
The Cantilever Beige Outdoor Umbrella is a useful and stylish addition to your outdoor space. Its unique design allows it to provide ample shade without the need for a center pole, making it perfect for arranging seating and tables without obstructions. The beige canopy offers a soothing and neutral shade that complements various outdoor settings, creating a welcoming and refreshing atmosphere.
To ensure stability, our umbrella comes with a lasting base that can be easily filled with sand or water. This base is an essential feature to keep the umbrella securely in place, even on windy days. Setting up the umbrella is a breeze, and you’ll appreciate the convenience it adds to your outdoor setup.
Rent our Cantilever Beige Outdoor Umbrella with Base and enjoy a shaded and relaxed outdoor experience. Whether you’re hosting a family barbecue or simply want to unwind under the sun, this umbrella is your perfect companion. Contact us today to book this stylish and functional addition to your outdoor setup, and create a shaded oasis for your guests to enjoy.
Dimension: 270 X 270

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