Acrylic Criss Cross Chair

Acrylic Criss Cross Chair

AED 24

Presenting our magnificent Acrylic Criss Cross Chair, a stunning accent that exudes charm and style for your occasion. You can rent this transparent beauty to add a sophisticated touch to your special occasions without having to use a complicated vocabulary.
In addition to being very attractive to look at, our Acrylic Criss Cross Chair is also incredibly comfortable. Your guests will be able to unwind for hours while taking in the event thanks to the comfortable seat. Spills and accidents won’t be a concern thanks to its easily-cleaned surface, so you can concentrate on making priceless memories.
This versatile chair is perfect for any occasion, whether it’s an indoor soirée or an outdoor celebration. You can easily move and arrange it because of its sturdy construction and lightweight nature, allowing you to customize your event space as needed.
All things considered, our Acrylic Criss Cross Chair is a great option to make your event unforgettable. Its understated yet sophisticated design combines comfort and style into one cohesive piece, elevating any event’s atmosphere without requiring fancy vocabulary. Make your reservation right now, and this gorgeous piece of furniture will make your event shine.
Dimension: 95 X 40

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