80×80 White Leather Coffee Table with Top Glass

80×80 White Leather Coffee Table with Top Glass

AED 66

Introducing our stylish 80×80 White Leather Coffee Table with Top Glass, available for rent to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your event space. This exquisite coffee table is a perfect addition for those who seek a touch of modern elegance and versatility in their setups.
The 80×80 White Leather Coffee Table is not just a piece of furniture; it’s a statement of sophistication. Its spacious surface, measuring 80×80 centimeters, provides ample room for your guests to place drinks, snacks, or decorative items, making it an excellent choice for social setups, conferences, or trade shows. The gleaming white leather upholstery exudes an air of refinement, while the top glass adds a sleek and contemporary touch. The glass surface is not only easy to clean but also offers a unique view of any decorative elements you might choose to place underneath, such as floral arrangements or decorative lighting.
This coffee table’s design is both functional and eye-catching, making it the perfect centerpiece for any event. Its clean lines and minimalist style enable it to seamlessly blend with a wide range of design themes, ensuring it complements your event’s aesthetic effortlessly.
Rent our 80×80 White Leather Coffee Table with Top Glass and take your event’s ambiance to the next level. This striking piece of furniture will not only serve as a functional focal point but also leave your guests in awe of its beauty and practicality. Contact us today to book this coffee table and elevate your event with a touch of modern luxury.
Dimension: 80 X 80

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