40×40 White Square Coffee Table with Top Glass

40×40 White Square Coffee Table with Top Glass

AED 54

Elevate your event’s ambiance with our exquisite 40×40 White Square Coffee Table, complete with a top glass, available for rent. This elegant and useful table serves as the perfect centerpiece for a variety of occasions, from weddings and parties to corporate meetings and exhibitions.
The 40×40 White Square Coffee Table exudes a timeless and clean aesthetic. Its pristine white finish embodies purity and simplicity, making it an ideal canvas for any decor or theme you have in mind. The inclusion of a top glass adds a touch of modernity and practicality, allowing guests to admire any table decorations you’ve chosen, while ensuring easy maintenance and cleaning.
This table is designed with your convenience in mind. Measuring 40×40 inches, it offers a generous surface area for drinks, snacks, or display items. Its square shape facilitates efficient space utilization, enabling you to create inviting seating arrangements and conversation nooks. The sturdy construction ensures stability, so your guests can comfortably engage in discussions or simply savor a refreshment.
Rent our 40×40 White Square Coffee Table with Top Glass and watch as it effortlessly transforms your event space into a hub of style and sophistication. Create an environment that encourages interaction and delight, and allows your guests to appreciate the beauty of your event decor. Contact us today to book this stunning table for your upcoming occasion, and let it become a symbol of your commitment to excellence.
Dimension: 40 X 40

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