When hosting a party in a tent during the scorching summers of Dubai, it becomes necessary to focus on the comfort of guests. Using floor-standing air conditioners is an excellent option for celebrating different occasions outdoors, such as weddings, birthday bashes, or business gatherings. They help keep your guests comfortable by maintaining a cool and pleasant temperature.

However, there are some crucial factors to consider before renting a free-standing AC unit for your big events. Continue reading the article to know in detail.

Size of the Tent

Before renting an outdoor conditioner, you must focus on the size and dimensions of the tent. It will allow you to choose an AC that is powerful enough to cool the space effectively and keep your guests cool throughout the event. If you do not consider the tent size, then you might end up picking an AC unit that is not strong enough.

Noise Level

Opt for air conditioners that are crafted to produce minimal noise. A noisy AC unit can spoil the atmosphere of a celebration, making it difficult for people to engage in conversations, enjoy the music, or listen to speeches. Thus, it is important to rent an air conditioner that operates quietly while still providing efficient cooling.

Installation and Setup

Check with the rental company if they can help you install the outdoor AC unit. If they can’t, then be sure to get someone who knows how to set it up properly. This way, it will work well during your event and keep everyone feeling cool and comfortable without creating any problems. It is advised to avoid picking complicated units that require professional installations.

Rental Price

It is important to compare the price when you’re looking to rent the best floor-standing cooling unit. Some air conditioners may have a higher rental cost than others, but they outperform in terms of their performance, appearance, and noise levels. While you might have to spend more amount in a top-quality AC unit, you can rest assured that your party will be a great hit where guests will have fun and quality time.

By comparing prices and collecting all the necessary information, you can make an informed choice and find the perfect AC unit for your celebration at a price that suits your budget.

Rental Duration

Make sure for how long you will be needing a free-standing air conditioner for your celebration and discuss it with the rental company, as the cost of renting depends on the duration of use. Doing this will help you avoid any extra charges.


It is essential to prioritize safety when organizing a celebration in an event party tent to keep your guests safe and secure. Therefore, make sure that the cooling system and electrical connections are installed and connected properly to avoid any hazards.