If you are planning a birthday party in Dubai, then it is time to start thinking about the venue. If you are going with friends and family and require a cozy set-up in your backyard or at a location, then it’s time to think about an event party tent. There are many places that have a great deal of space and can accommodate your needs to create the perfect ambiance.

Planning a birthday party in a tent is an excellent way to give your child a memorable experience. Whether you are planning the birthday party for one or more children, the following tips will help you plan the best possible party. Here are 9 steps mentioned to plan a birthday party in a tent.

Select Date

When planning your birthday party, choose the date that works for you. If you have a choice between two dates, pick the one that is most convenient for everyone involved.


Set a budget, but don’t get too restrictive. The budget should be flexible enough to allow for any unexpected expenses.


The venue should be close to your home and easy to access. It must also have enough space for people, food and decorations.


It’s important to get the right people at your party so that everyone has fun, and you don’t end up with a bunch of people who aren’t having a good time.


When planning a birthday party in a tent, consider what type of theme you would like to use. If your child has a favorite cartoon character or movie character, then it would be appropriate for them to host their own superhero-themed party.

List Of Activities

As part of planning the activities that will be involved in your child’s birthday party in Dubai, it is important that you decide on all of them beforehand.

Food & Drinks

Food and drinks are an important part of any party, If you have kids attending your party, keep their food options as healthy as possible by serving fruit in season or even homemade cookies if you have time.


You can decorate your party tent with lots of fun and creative ideas. Use ribbons, balloons, streamers, and other items to decorate the inside of your party tent. You might also want to add some glittery tablecloths or place settings so guests can enjoy their food in style.

Choose Tent Size & Type

A-frame tents, pop-up tents, and even bigger luxury tents are available in a wide range of sizes. A-frame tents are ideal for large parties in parks or other outdoor venues. They can be set up in a matter of minutes and offer lots of room. With pop-up tents, you can hold a birthday party in your backyard or another location even if you have limited space. Event rental companies in Dubai can help you rent tents.