Do you have guests coming over, and do you want to ensure a cozy and warm space during winter? Well, then, an outdoor patio heater would be a good decision. To give you a basic idea of what it is; these heaters primarily aim to heat and condition the air through artificial heat. These not only help in keeping the space warm but also add to the aesthetics. Now that we know what it is let us look at the various types available and their advantages and disadvantages.

Wood Pellet Patio Heater

Often a preferred choice for those who want to give their home a European sitting environment. The only reason why many prefer this is because it creates an aesthetic appearance. That being said, they tend to generate a lot of heat, depending on the size, so it’s best if they are kept in open spaces. The maintenance is a lot as you need to clean up the ash.

Propane Outdoor Heater

Propane heaters, known to be the easiest to install and use, must be assembled and attached to the tank before turning on. They are portable and small, making them ideal for use in small spaces. However, they must be filled on a regular basis, which raises operational costs. The simple installation process is why most people prefer to rent it.

Electric Patio Heater

If you want something eco-friendly, this is a good choice. They emit no emission but will also effectively heat a space. Apart from the models that require to be mounted on the wall, none of the others require installation by a professional. Nevertheless, they are not very cost-effective in the long run but are simple to operate. So based on your needs, you can decide whether or not this may be suitable for you. Additionally, they are the only patio heater rental options for those who wish to use them in a covered or enclosed area.

In Conclusion

Now that you have understood the different types available, go ahead and get a heater for rent in Dubai based on your budget, space, and other criteria.