Today, modern homes have air conditioning (AC). However, air conditioning is available in several types. Therefore, it is important for you to understand which type of AC will suit your requirements. There are several types of air conditioners that including floor standing air conditioners, wall mounted air conditioners, split air conditioners, and so on. If you’re planning to get a floor-standing AC, then you must know that it is similar to a wall-mounted AC. The only difference is that the floor air conditioner is installed on the floor. These air conditioners can be installed quickly.

During the summer, both options are excellent for cooling your home. If you wish to keep the walls of your home clear, then you should buy a floor-standing unit. Floor-standing AC is also useful if your balls do not have enough space or if you want to easily access the unit. There are numerous reasons to consider floor-standing ACs instead of the traditional wall-mounted ones. Some of the reasons are:

Installation Of A Split Unit Is Difficult

Not every home is suitable for the installation of a split system. This is particularly true for rooms that have large windows or ceilings that are low angled. In such cases, a floor unit is ideal.


Many homeowners prefer to install them because they have a discreet appearance. A split system needs to be mounted on the wall, taking up a substantial portion of the wall. It is also difficult to disguise the unit. The compact size and unique style of the floor units make them immensely popular among users.

Heating Purpose

Houses that have tall ceilings find the flow unit greatly beneficial, especially for heating purposes. The main reason is that, with the help of the floor units, hot air is easily dispersed at the ground level. Many homeowners prefer to install the floor unit in the fireplace that is unused. This is mostly found in homes that have older styles. In this way, the homeowner can optimize the unused space and the floor unit offers a seamless look.


If the owners have limited mobility, they prefer to install a floor unit that is convenient for them to access from time to time. Cleaning the unit regularly is also extremely easy because of its position. It can be easily reached in comparison to a split unit that is installed high up on the wall.


Every air conditioner requires regular maintenance in order to perform efficiently. You must ensure that the air filters are cleaned once every 3 weeks. Thorough servicing must be done according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Overall, the floor standing air conditioner and the split unit have similar benefits in terms of cooling and heating features. Which unit is right for you depends upon your home requirements?