Once you have bought your split air conditioner, the next step is its installation. However easy it may sound; the practical execution is not so simple. There are a lot of factors that come into play. If you do not adhere to these tips, your AC installation will be flawed. Moreover, the AC may not work correctly or reflect low performance.

Apart from the operational aspects, you also have to figure out the ideal location. Here we are going to help you out. We will share with you all the elements of a split air conditioner installation. Follow the below-mentioned tips and ensure that the AC keeps working for a long time.

Location of the Indoor/Outdoor Units

As we have mentioned before, the location of both indoor and outdoor units is very crucial. Choice of indoor unit location should be such that it maximizes the cooling in a larger area of your home. Find out which is the area where you require cooling. You will have to mount it at least 810 feet below the ground.

For the outdoor unit, choose an open area that allows easy air transmission. This could be a terrace or garden. Or you could choose an external wall that is sturdy to hold the unit.

Strength of the Wall

When you decide to install a split air conditioner, you must check the wall’s strength. This should be done before your technicians arrive. Always choose a wall that is capable of handling the AC unit’s weight.

Never do the AC installation on false walls as that could cause accidents. Also, if the AC is not installed the first time correctly, you will have to redo it, which is an additional expense.

Distance Between Both Indoor and Outdoor Units

In order to maximize the cooling, you should note the distance you maintain between indoor and outdoor units. This distance should be as less as possible. This is to guarantee better results from the AC coolant. You must ensure that both the units should have a distance of fewer than 15 meters between them.

Apart from this, you should also check the space between the indoor unit and the wall. This difference should be at least 15 centimeters. Plus, it should be maintained uniformly; otherwise, the cooling effect would be hampered. The same rule would apply to the outdoor unit as well.

When you start installing a floor standing air conditioner, the process is straightforward. However, the Split air conditioner is totally different. You must follow the above standard requirements to simplify the process. Otherwise, the AC would start malfunctioning within a span of a few months. The rectification of the same would be an additional burden on your pocket.