Patio heaters are the best for outdoor heating, especially if you want a warm and cozy environment outside your room amidst the cold weather. A patio heater is the most efficient appliance. Several kinds of patio heaters can either be mounted on the wall or ported from place to place. Though the several varieties and models of patio heaters make it complicated for renters to decide, keeping a few factors in mind could help them. For instance, renters must know the exact purpose of different patio heater models and their pros and cons. Understanding these allows them to make a decision quickly and get the maximum benefits from a patio heater.

Different Types Of Patio Heaters

There are several models of patio heaters. You must choose a specific patio heater model according to your requirements, the size of your outdoor area, and the fuel the patio heaters use. There are fifteen kinds of patio heaters, and the most common categories are as follows:

  • – Wall mount patio heaters – You can install these heaters on your wall or near the ceiling. These heaters are apt for people who have a small patio but want considerable heating.
  • – Table-top patio heaters – These are ideal if you’re going to heat only a small area. These heaters also save a lot of space.

Natural Gas Patio Heaters

Natural gas patio heaters are the cheapest variety of outdoor patio heaters and run on natural gas. These heaters have several pros and cons. For instance, these heaters are more environmentally friendly and help in maintaining sustainability. However, these heaters are not portable. Since they are attached to the fixed gas line, you need not refill these heaters, but you can neither carry them from place to place. Natural gas patio heaters are cost-effective, but you need a professional to install them.

Propane Gas Patio Heaters

Propane gas patio heaters are a favorite amongst most because they are easy to use and portable. Moreover, you do not need a professional’s assistance in installing these heaters. You can also carry propane gas heaters from one place to another, and this feature adds to its utility. However, propane gas patio heaters are not as environmentally friendly as natural gas propane heaters. Thus, these heaters are generally not for people who are conscious of environmental pollution and global warming.

Safety Measures

There are several safety measures you need to undertake while using a patio heater. It would be best if you kept your heater away from combustible items and away from children’s reach. Most parents prefer wall patio heaters that they can mount near the ceiling so that their children do not reach them. You must also maintain several safety protocols while cleaning a patio heater. For instance, ensure all the gas valves are off while cleaning.


Patio heaters are indeed beneficial for outdoor heating. They work as an outdoor gas heater to give you a warm and cozy feeling amidst the bitter cold. However, there are several things that you must know before renting a patio heater. The points mentioned above can guide you through the type of patio heater you must rent and provide maintenance tips. One must also remember to check the feedback of specific patio heater models to know about their pros and cons.