Deciding whether an air conditioner or air cooler is better can often be a challenging process. It would help if you considered several factors before making a decision. Do you have enough resources to buy an air conditioner? Or, do you have enough space in your room to accommodate an outdoor air cooler in Dubai? These are a few crucial questions that you must ask yourself. Remember the temperature conditions of where you live, its moisture content in the air, and several factors play an essential role in your decision-making process. While some people prefer home coolers because they are cheap, most people go in for air conditioners due to their efficiency. Therefore, one needs to consider several factors, depending on your specific requirements and budget.


The first thing you must consider while choosing between an air conditioner and a cooler is its price. Are you looking for a cooling device that is cheap? Coolers are generally more affordable than air conditioners. While you can get an outdoor air cooler worth AED 150 per day, air conditioners start from AED 850 per day. If you have a low budget, a cooler can be a better option than an air conditioner. That being said, it would be best if you did not compromise on the quality.

Power consumption

Coolers are the best option if you are looking to buy something that would not shoot up your electricity bill. Air conditioners have very high power consumption, raising your electricity bill, thus raising your monthly expenditure. People also prefer buying coolers over air conditioners if they are aware of sustainability principles. Coolers consume less electricity and can conserve the same. Thus, you can also reduce your total expenditure by buying what is cheap, that is, a cooler.


Maintenance is a fundamental factor you need to consider before choosing between an air conditioner and a cooler. Given the size, an air cooler is easy to maintain and clean. No parts have to be removed in order to clean the filter. When you hire an air conditioner, though, the process becomes a tad bit more tedious as more often than not, one would need the help of a professional.

Climate and humidity

Coolers are the best for places with a hot and dry climate as they do not suit humid climatic conditions. Thus, it would be best if you chose a cooler in dry locations. However, remember air conditioners are better in damp places. This is because the moisture content in the air is high in humid areas, and thus the water takes longer to evaporate, and your cooler does not function properly. It is crucial to choose between an air conditioner and a cooler, depending on where you live.


Both coolers and air conditioners have pros and cons. Thus, you have to let go of certain features of an air conditioner if you want to enjoy the benefits of a cooler and vice versa. However, coolers have a lesser environmental impact as they can run on low electricity. Thus, coolers are often preferred by individuals concerned about the environment and sustainability. On the other hand, air conditioners are a much more efficient cooling device and can function in all places.