Summers in Dubai are unquestionably scorching. Because temperatures in the UAE frequently exceed 50 degrees, air conditioners are an essential home item. The standard air cooler is best used in hot, dry areas. Nonetheless, a specific active moisture controller is used in various air coolers, which controls air humidity levels and offers comfort even when it’s scorching hot outdoors. Due to its low energy consumption, ease of operation, easy cooling and fresh air, air cooler for rent have become a popular cooling solution. Before buying an air cooler, one often takes into consideration its types, features, and costs. However, picking the most effective one depending on your needs can be difficult. Here’s a list of different types of coolers that are available on the market for rent.

Personal Cooler

Ideally, personal air coolers should be used in small areas such as bedrooms, hostels, or workplaces. Air coolers for barren regions consume less electricity and are quieter. You can place these near your bed, sofa, or eating spot as they are relatively small, compact, and portable cooling devices.

Desert Coolers

It is most frequently utilized for big outdoor areas in tropical and temperate regions and has a massive 90-litre container size. Therefore, there is no need to worry about replenishing it quickly. Because of this, these are perfect for medium to large rooms, lecture halls, workplaces, prayer halls, and restaurants. These coolers can be used even outside, like on a terrace or backyard, when the weather is dry.

Tower Coolers

Those air coolers are slimmer versions, thereby allowing them to be installed in small places. Cooling compact spaces in style are possible with tower coolers with their smooth and stylish design. Their features include honeycomb cooling pads, smart humidity controllers, empty tank alarms, and feather contact panels. The water storage capacity of tower coolers is between 25 and 50 litres, depending on your needs.

Windows Coolers

The window cooler is fit into the window, and they occupy no floor space since they are established in open windows. Their tank capacity ranges from 40 to 60 litres, making it suitable for offices and small rooms alike. Window coolers are typically available with non-obligatory trolleys that are easy to move indoors and outdoors. As they cool the clean outdoor air rather than regulating the inside mood, they can do better than tower coolers and personal coolers in some cases.

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