Camping and barbecuing are two of the most popular pastimes in the UAE, and they are primarily done in the winter. However, if you want to go camping but are hesitant because of the hot summers in Dubai, this is the solution you’ve been looking for. For camping, you can easily rent an outdoor air conditioner for tents. Many people are unaware that an air conditioner can run on a solar system or a battery, eliminating the need for conventional energy. If you can get your hands on such air conditioning, you can easily camp in the wilderness regardless of the season. There is an outside air conditioner for tents at the public camping grounds. Here is a detailed guide on how to finalize your portable AC for outdoor camping.


Renting a portable air conditioner for your camping trip is preferable because it provides greater mobility. Portable air conditioners are also available in small versions that are easy to transport in your vehicle. It’s crucial to keep portability in mind when hiring air conditioning for camping.

AC Power

The stronger the air-conditioning cooling, the higher the power value. The air conditioner with the most BTU will provide the finest cooling for a larger space, but choose carefully. If you rent the most BTU for a small group, the machine’s lifespan will be shortened. So, when planning a camping trip, think about the amount of space available, the number of people who will be attending, and the power of the air conditioning.


While finalizing the AC keep the sound factor in mind, as you do not want to disturb the environment when you are in the middle of camping. AC noise can be very loud and when within nature, the sound is absorbed better than the city area.

Tent Range

When it comes to choosing an air conditioner, the size of your tent will be a major consideration. If your group consists of three to four persons, you must account for each person’s luggage as well as room for the air conditioner. A person must be comfortable in a tent and have access to air conditioning. Furthermore, the larger the crowd, the harder the air conditioner will work to chill as it must absorb all other body heat in order to provide adequate cooling.

Air Circulation

An air conditioner needs a ventilation area to circulate fresh air in your space. If your AC is battery operated then you do not have to think about ventilation space but if you have an electric air conditioner, then you must think of a place to put the ventilation tube. It can either be at the entrance of a tent or the windowpane.

Using AC during camping is possible and all the options can be explored keeping in mind the above factors.