Given the extreme temperature and humidity in Dubai, surviving without an air conditioner is next to impossible. In such times, renting a portable cooling fan or an AC is ideal. One can always buy an air cooler or AC but that is a huge financial commitment in case you are not ready to make it. A portable air cooler is a helpful device to cool down your home, office, restaurant, or any event spaces or server rooms. A portable AC is the best option for places that do not have built-in central AC or HVAC systems. When you want to rent a portable AC, you need to have your research ready before. Here are the things which you should keep in mind before proceeding.

Cooling Strength

While finalizing your AC unit, you should inquire about the AC cooling power. This strength will determine the efficiency of the cooling. Choosing the right AC will fulfill your space’s cooling conditions. Generally, learning about BTU energy will help a lot while making a final decision. Other than that, the room shape, size, and the number of people present in that space do influence the cooling. That is why it becomes important to know the cooling strength number.


There are two types of AC cooling systems, water and air. An air cooler eliminates warmth from the air and generates more heat internally. Such coolers need an outdoor space near a window where this air will be vented out. This is how Air-based coolers work. A water cooler system, on the other hand, uses water to get rid of the heat generated within the unit. These are more power-efficient in comparison to the air-cooling units. No matter which unit you choose, these are the leading portable AC units to rent.


Maintenance is an important feature of any AC; the frequency of its upkeep determines its longevity. In AC units, you must maintain the unit by getting rid of condensate. There are multiple ways of drainage depending upon the AC unit you have. A fully sustained unit is the best kind as it consumes condense water back into evaporation, so there is no maintenance needed.


While renting an AC unit you must check its electric requirements and venting options. So accordingly, the space of the Portable AC unit can be decided. Small portable AC requires up to 120 voltage power sockets. Bigger units need more voltage power and different outlets. According to the venting method of the unit, you can clear the path and plan the placement.
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