When you see an advertisement for an air cooler for rent, what is the first thing you think of? Most people living in Dubai and the UAE imagine the sweet relief the cold, moist air will bring to them amid the hot desert. Indeed, this is quite a reasonable aspiration to have and is precisely the feeling an air cooler is supposed to catalyze. But will any old cooler do the job? The answer is that while all coolers work in the desert, optimal functioning is environmentally dependent. There are also different things that you, as a lessee, can do to maximize the efficiency of the air cooler you rent. Read further to find out what can best work for you.

Tower Air Cooler

This type of cooler is designed to fit in places with limited space. They are ideal for receptions of shops or small rooms in houses. Hailed as one of the most elegant ones amongst the varied types, it is also known to deliver cooling at a higher level as opposed to other coolers. The height of this type of cooler is in fact its most remarkable feature.

Window Unit

Other types of coolers simply take up too much space when floor space is limited. This problem is solved by using a window air cooler. Given that they are physically fixed to windows, it frees up space for furniture placement or simply allows you to move around more freely. These coolers also circulate fresh air more effectively than other varieties since they draw air directly from the outside. These coolers are perfect for people living in small houses or apartments.

Portable Unit

These types of cooling units are made for usage in small spaces where open-type cooling isn’t necessary. They are more energy efficient and quieter than desert coolers. Furthermore, for maneuverability, portable air coolers, such as desert coolers, are usually mounted with castor wheels. They don’t take up a lot of space and work best when you’re near them. They come in a variety of styles, making it simple to select one that matches your decor.

Features to Take Note Of

In ensuring that you choose the right indoor or outdoor air cooler for rent, there are certain things you should bear in mind. These include considerations as to room size, the convenience of control, design, whether there is an ice chamber, the quality of the cooling pads if there is an anti-mosquito function, tank capacity, auto-refill function, whether there is a dust filter and air throw distance. These vary on different units in the above categories of coolers and deciding which features to prioritize is just as important as deciding what cooler you would like to rent.


Leasing a product as important as an air cooler may seem like a stressful undertaking. Your comfort and productivity of yourself and those around you depend on it, after all. This article was written to demonstrate that while the process is complex, it can also be undertaken systematically. As with everything, the trick to ensuring you emerge with the correct product is to know what you want. This piece was designed to guide you to just that.