Cooling solutions are available in varied forms, and you can avail of them by either buying or just getting a portable AC on rent. A portable air conditioner is a convenient option because it can be easily moved from one place to another to effectively cover up the areas where your centralized cooling system does not work. But before starting to use one, it is important to know the proper using and cleaning methods for these portable AC units.

Fix Exhaust Hose Properly

This is the main component of a portable AC, and it is crucial to place it correctly. The condition of the exhaust hose will majorly impact the operation and durability of the AC. The hose must be placed so that the hot air is expelled out of the space by means of any outlet such as sliding doors, a drop ceiling or a window area. You must ensure that the exhaust pipe is placed fully straight with no folding or twists. Extending the pipe is a very wrong option, and you should keep it short and of the standard size for the efficient functioning of the unit. The standard size of the hose is usually around four to seven feet in length and is sufficient enough to be able to reach out to any outlet in any room.

Shut the Doors and Windows

The efficiency of an AC unit is highly dependent on how properly space is shut. Doors and windows of the room where you are using the portable AC should be closed tightly to ensure the outer warmth doesn’t enter this space. Also, to avoid direct impact of the sun and warmer air from any adjacent areas, place the AC unit in the corner of the room. As the unit needs to be kept near an outlet for venting the hot air, try to choose a comparatively cooler corner, among all.

Turn It on Early

The cooling system inside the portable air conditioner requires some time to provide a powerful cooling effect. Turning the AC on around a few hours prior will help you enjoy a proper cool environment when you need it. You should switch on the AC in the early hours of the morning or when it’s less sunny in the late afternoon, as the atmospheric temperature is comparatively lower. This will make its functioning much easy and more energy-efficient.

Clean the Unit

Regular cleaning of the portable AC unit is important to maintain it in working condition. You need to focus mainly on the AC filters to remove the dust and debris accumulated on them. Vacuum out debris collected over the vents of the AC to ensure the airflow is clean and fresh.