While planning an amazing camping or an outdoor party in tents, proper arrangement to maintain a comfortable environment is highly important. The atmospheric conditions in outdoor spaces may be hot and humid, which can be controlled with an efficient outdoor air conditioner for tents. To avoid sweltering inside the tent, you must choose an outdoor AC unit with sufficient cooling capacity. There is no universal air conditioner capable of offering uniform cooling in any space. As outdoor AC for tents comes in varied models with various functions, you should look for the following factors to choose the right one:

Power System

Depending upon the power source available in the area where you plan to set up the tent, you must choose the right AC model. An outdoor air conditioner based on a battery power system is a common type of air conditioning unit. With highly affordable prices and the easy availability of battery replacements, these air conditioners are easy to use and maintain. However, due to their limited cooling and battery capacity, they cannot cool larger tents. You will need to replace the AC batteries frequently. For cooling large tents, you can choose electricity-operated AC and get a proper power supply or generator to provide uninterrupted cooling inside the tents.

Cooling Capacity

Determining the amount of cooling you will require, especially based on the tent size, is important. Outdoor tent spaces under a temperature level of 80 degrees usually don’t need much cooling. Usually, outdoor air conditioners for tents have a capacity of 5000 to 12000 BTU, in which the higher the figure means the more cooling it provides. For a tent size of 10 by 10 feet, an air conditioner with 5000 BTU will be sufficient.


As tents are temporary set-ups or to shift the cooling unit per your preference, the AC units should be easily portable. Outdoor air conditioners are available majorly in two forms – window units and portable ones. The window units are more static and heavy that need to be stationed in one place. However, the mobile AC units may sometimes be low on cooling capacity if you have a vast area to cool.

Bonus Features

The modern outdoor AC units bring in various additional features based on common customer requirements and improved flexibility. With adjustable thermostats, varying fan speed levels, timer systems, and various indication features, modern outdoor air conditioners provide easy and better cooling. You can choose the AC unit with the features that you need for your outdoor cooling purpose.