Not many people feel comfortable with stacking chairs for events and often ask for alternatives. It is probably due to misconceptions or lack of information on how convenient these chairs are to any event. Plastic is not the most preferred material for anything, but in this instance, plastic stacking chairs are a lifesaver having many benefits over other kinds of chairs. Stacking chairs are easy to handle from storage, transportation, and organization. You can use them for indoor and outdoor events, and they are a suitable alternative for small spaces. They are available in several designs, and you can also decorate them to suit your style and event’s theme. Below are a few reasons why you should go for stacking white chair rental in the next event you host.

Saves Space

Using stacking chairs for your event helps to maximize space. Compared to other kinds of chairs, they do not take up much space, which means you can have seating for more people in a small space. They are also easier to store and transport, which helps with logistics and planning for the event. Depending on the stacking chairs you get, you can stack more than 20 chairs at a go. Plastic chairs are the top pick as you can stack them easily and have a tall pile without risking stability.


Plastic stacking chairs are very durable and can withstand heavyweight when stacked together. It helps to go for such quality chairs as it prevents losses from breakages or dents that would cost you in the long run. Big events are difficult to control and watch over everything, and you may want this type of chair to minimize losses. The chairs can be used over and over for years on end and still retain impeccable condition. You can use them for indoor or outdoor events without a worry of easy wear and tear.

Easy to Maintain

Plastic stacking chairs are the easiest type of chairs to maintain. They do not need much maintenance besides occasional cleaning. Cleaning the chairs is also easy as you only need soap and water, and you can air dry them. It saves time and resources when you compare this to cleaning other types of chairs that require laundering, polishing, or varnishing. There is no aftercare with plastic chairs post a good wash as long as you clean and store them properly. Look for a reliable company that offers plastic chairs for rent as it helps reduce liability.


Stacking chairs for events are among the most affordable alternatives for seating during events. Plastic stacking chairs are a cheaper option if the events rental company has various options. It helps to cut costs where possible and divert funds to other needs of the event. You will also cut transportation costs and storage since the seats occupy a small surface area when stacked on each other. Since the chances of any damages are extremely low, you don’t have to worry about repairs or replacement costs after the event.

Aesthetic Value

You can play around with stacking chairs and decorate them accordingly to suit your event. Stacking chairs are available in large numbers, which allows you to have all-matching chairs for the whole event. You can use ribbons and other decor pieces on the chairs to align with the event’s theme. Since they are simple chairs, you don’t need much to elevate their look, and the simplest decor pieces can significantly improve the aesthetics of your event.