If you are not an expert, knowing how many tables and chairs you need may not always be a walk in the park. However, you can evaluate the type of event and the general setting to help you figure out the quantities you need. Everything must have a place, from food to decor, and all guests and hosts have sufficient seating. Tables and chairs occupy the most space in an event. You need to know exactly what is required to avoid inadequacy in the number of these pieces or have an overcrowded situation with too much furniture in a small space. Whether you are planning the event alone or have help from an events rentals company, these are some pointers to consider when deciding the number of tables and chairs you need.

Determine the Number of Guests

The number of guests you expect is important when determining the number of tables and chairs to get. You have to get this number right to ensure there is sufficient seating for all guests, and the tables are enough and correspond to the number of chairs. It helps avoid procuring too many or too few pieces causing inconvenience on the day of the event. This is also applicable when choosing kids tables for rent.

Seating Layout

The layout will determine the space available for arranging tables and chairs. When you have this figured out, you have a better idea of choosing round, square or rectangular tables, how many of them, and what size. The tables will determine the kind of chairs to get and what number. With these factors in mind, you will get sufficient tables and chairs that will sit perfectly with the layout you choose for your event for an organized seating arrangement. Your seating layout should provide enough space to cater to all the guests comfortably.


Every event has some form of food or beverages served to entertain guests. When ordering tables and chairs, you have to keep in mind how the food will be served to the guests. For buffet service, you have to get additional tables for the food setup. Long rectangular tables are perfect for this. For any other kind of service, food or drink will be available and served on the seating tables so the number of tables to get must be precise and enough for all guests. The tables act as a guideline to help know how many seats to procure for your event.


Event accessories refer to decor and other additional items required for the event. These include any props for use in the event. You have to make sure that the type and number of tables and chairs fall in theme with the rest of your accessories. You might also need special tables for a display of accessories and centerpieces. It is important to consult with your event rentals on the options available to get something unique for this purpose. A centerpiece for each table can also help determine how people will sit and guide you to choose how many chairs to allocate to each table.

Tent Size

When you are sure of what size of tent you have, it can act as a guideline to help you know how many tables and chairs can fit in the available space. Tents vary in size and shape, and each type of tent can accommodate a specific number of tables and chairs. Professionals can help you calculate this logistics using standard metric measures of the number of square feet per person standing, a person standing with a chair only, or a person standing with a table and chair. You can then use these measures divided by the tent size in square meters to know the exact number of tables and chairs.