Be it a Pole or a frame tent, there is nothing else that can give you the perfect ambience for your outdoor party. A tent, complete with artificial lighting, seating and flower arrangements offers itself as the most inevitable setting for outdoor events. However, there are a few things you need to consider before zeroing on your choice.  Listed below are the major tips which can set the perfect atmosphere for your party.

The Event & The Guests

How many guests are expected to attend the event? It would be easier to fit in a few tables and chairs in a smaller tent, if the gathering is small. The bigger the crowd, the more elaborate the tent and the arrangements need to be. More than the ambience, you should make it a comfortable experience for all that attend the event.

The next factor you need to consider is the kind of event you are hosting. The tent you pick must match the event you are planning for. Unlike a birthday celebration or a simple backyard party, you can expect a larger crowd for a wedding or a graduation party. This is where the choice and size of rental tents come into play. Based on the number of guests, you may need to rent a larger or smaller tent.

Event Location

Pole and frame tents are the two common types of canvas usually available for rent. The surface where you host the event influences the type you choose. For instance, many might prefer an aesthetic pole tent, which can be used only on a smooth surface like grass. If the setting is any other surface, a frame tent is your best bet.  If you plan on extensive arrangements, frame tents can give you more space.

Are you looking for the perfect outdoor tent for an upcoming event? Whether it is for an outdoor wedding, birthday or anniversary celebration, we can provide you with an outdoor tent. Big, medium or small, Rental Joy has the perfect tent for you!