Pyramid Gas Heater

Pyramid Gas Heater

AED 240

Elevate your outdoor setups with the Pyramid Gas Heater, available for rent, to keep your guests warm and comfortable during chilly evenings. Our Pyramid Gas Heater is the perfect addition to any outdoor event, from calm family get-togethers to lively parties. Designed for ease of use and protection, it’s a fantastic solution to extend your outdoor enjoyment.
Our Pyramid Gas Heater boasts a sleek and modern design that not only provides warmth but also serves as an attractive focal point for your outdoor space. The radiant flame at the top of the pyramid creates a mesmerizing visual element that adds ambiance to your setup. With its user-friendly controls, you can adjust the heat output to suit your needs, making it ideal for cool evenings or cooler seasons.
Protection is a top priority, and our Pyramid Gas Heater is equipped with a range of protection features, including a tip-over switch and a protection shut-off valve. This ensures that you and your guests can enjoy the warmth without worry.
This heater is exceptionally useful and easy to set up, so you can quickly create a calm atmosphere for your event. Its portability means you can place it wherever you need warmth, whether it’s on a patio, in a garden, or by a poolside. Plus, the heater’s pyramid shape allows for efficient heat distribution, ensuring that everyone in the vicinity stays comfortably warm.
Rent our Pyramid Gas Heater and convert your outdoor setups into memorable and comfortable affairs. Contact us today to book this stylish and functional heater for your next event, and provide your guests with the warmth and coziness they deserve, even when the temperature drops.

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